The OTHER SIDE 1985 featuring Marc Ford

Digital Single Release July 15, 2021
1985 Original recording Digitally Remastered

Months after graduating from LB State with a degree in Finance, Chris Cruz booked time at the Recording Studio in the back of Plaza Music in Buena Park to record his first two original compositions.  Cruz hired fellow Cerritos guitar player Marc Ford to play lead and called the band ARBITRAGE. Produced and recorded by Tom Chan, The OTHER SIDE received critical acclaim and west coast commercial airplay. Marc Ford would soon be signed to Columbia Records with his band Burning Tree, later joining the Black Crowes.  The recording has been digitally remastered from the original 7″ Vinyl and is the first Digital recording released from Chris’s first band ARBITRAGE.  Persuasion Records will release more music from ARBITRAGE in the coming months.

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