Lucky Bawa & the First Strikes new single

Lucky Bawa/Chris Cruz-Vocal, Guitar Rob Klonel-Drums(New Cruzados, DKEC) Henry James-Electric Guitars(Robert Jon & the Wreck) Bruce Witkin-Bass(Hollywood Vampires. Adam Ant) WAITING FOR THE REVOLUTION is the first single from Chris Cruz’s new Hard Folk project under the moniker Lucky Bawa & the First Strikes produced and recorded by Bruce Witkin(White Buffalo, Sweeny Todd, Marilyn […]


Chris Cruz in ARBITRAGE-DARK CLOUDS Digital Single Release Aug. 12, 2021 1986 Original Recording Digitally Remastered Persuasion Records Dark Clouds marked the second incarnation of Arbitrage following Lead Guitarist Marc Ford and Drummer Doni Gray’s Burning Tree signing with Epic Records.  Produced and recorded by the late Chaz Ramirez(Berlin, Stryper, Social D) at the Casbah […]

Doom Kounty Electric Chair MANNISH BOY

Doom Kounty Electric Chair-MANNISH BOY Digital Single Release July 29, 2021 1997 Original recording Digitally Remastered Persuasion Records/A Boy Named Ho Doom Kounty Electric Chair was born shortly after J. Zane’s(Jose Cruz) fronted band Male Order Brides completed test recordings under the direction of Left Bank Management’s Robbin Crosby(Ratt).  Male Order Brides also included Patrick […]

The OTHER SIDE 1985 featuring Marc Ford

Chris Cruz in ARBITRAGE-The OTHER SIDE Digital Single Release July 15, 2021 1985 Original recording Digitally Remastered Months after graduating from LB State with a degree in Finance, Chris Cruz booked time at the Recording Studio in the back of Plaza Music in Buena Park to record his first two original compositions.  Cruz hired fellow […]