Welcome to NOWHERE

Official Video Recorded Studio Live       https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fA4FovuNQ3Y Digital Single Rel. 5/21/2021 On his latest single NOWHERE, Chris Cruz explores the upside of isolation with the refrain; NO ONE CARES IF THERE’S WAR ANYWHERE AND THE SUN ALWAYS SHINES AND THEY’RE GLAD TO SEE YOU NO ONE NEEDS ANY PEACE IN THE EAST THEY JUST […]


How a steady gig changed my attitude towards these entertainment staples. December 31, 2020 marked the first year since 2012 that I wasn’t hosting New Year’s Eve Karaoke at Doheny’s Tavern Grill & Sports Bar (formerly The Tartan Room) in Garden Grove. There I was looking for work after nearly 25 years in Music Distribution.  […]

Song Craft by Chris Cruz ILR ILB

I LIKE THE RED I LIKE THE BLUE Digital Single Release Oct. 23, 2020 Since this is one of my most popular songs, I thought I would take you through my “songwriting process” for this tune. The inspiration for the song came from a couple different places…I had just paid the cable bill again.  I’ve […]

The Ubaldini Effect

Celebrating Michael Ubaldini’s NEW re-Release of Acoustic Rumble originally released in 1999. While I’d been a closet Folkie since picking up the guitar in my late teens, my label Persuasion Records was working with a Dark Rock Band, Doom Kounty Electric Chair.  Michael’s band Mystery Train(Rockabilly/Rock) and DKEC shared drummer Rob Klonel and guitarist Steve […]

Tom Petty – My Gateway Drug to Rock and Roll

There I was working at Montgomery Ward manning the Ticketron machine, a college freshman Trumpet/Music major and member of the Big Brown Music Machine-Long Beach State’s large and powerful marching band as well as the prestigious 16 piece Chamber Choir. More than a few young people were purchasing tickets for Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers […]