BLAME IT ON LOVE Digital Single June 25, 2021   The first production out of the new Persuasion Records Studio, BLAME IT ON LOVE features Rae Shirer on backing vocals with Chris on Guitars, Bass & Vocals recorded on a Tascam DP24-SD.  Mixed by Jeff Kessinger, the sound is 70’s lush opening with a Bass […]

Welcome to NOWHERE

Official Video Recorded Studio Live Digital Single Rel. 5/21/2021 On his latest single NOWHERE, Chris Cruz explores the upside of isolation with the refrain; NO ONE CARES IF THERE’S WAR ANYWHERE AND THE SUN ALWAYS SHINES AND THEY’RE GLAD TO SEE YOU NO ONE NEEDS ANY PEACE IN THE EAST THEY JUST HOPE […]


How a steady gig changed my attitude towards these entertainment staples. December 31, 2020 marked the first year since 2012 that I wasn’t hosting New Years Eve Karaoke at Doheny’s Tavern Grill & Sports Bar (formerly The Tartan Room) in Garden Grove. There I was looking for work after nearly 25 years in Music Distribution.  […]

Song Craft by Chris Cruz ILR ILB

I LIKE THE RED I LIKE THE BLUE Digital Single Release Oct. 23, 2020 Since this is one of my most popular songs, I thought I would take you through my songwriting process for this tune. The inspiration for the song came from a couple different places.  I had just paid the cable bill again.  […]

The Ubaldini Effect

Celebrating Michael Ubaldini’s NEW re-Release of Acoustic Rumble originally released in 1999. While I’d been a closet Folkie since picking up the guitar in my late teens, my label Persuasion Records was working with a Dark Rock Band, Doom Kounty Electric Chair.  Michael’s band Mystery Train(Rockabilly/Rock) and DKEC shared drummer Rob Klonel and guitarist Steve […]