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We’re never really prepared to hear a new song that makes our lives feel a lot easier, or at least a little less complex. Sometimes it’s a tune we hear on the radio, or maybe it’s an acoustic jam being strummed at the back of your local bar that sounds like goofy little ditty about baseball. Then again, if you really believe the slogan “Baseball is Life” then you should probably put your drink down and listen a little closer while folk singer Chris Cruz is on stage.  Read More


Orange County Register:

“In My Heart” sparkles. Although there is a simplicity to the recordings, the melodies and Cruz’s affecting delivery of the songs shine across the CD. Echoes of the Beatles, Buddy Holly, Tom Petty and Roy Orbison come to mind listening to gems such as “I’m In Love With a Girl,” “When You Look at Me,” “Blame it on Love” and “The Other Side.”   Read More