Lucky Bawa & the First Strikes-Waiting for the Revolution

Lucky Bawa/Chris Cruz-Vocal, Guitar
Rob Klonel-Drums(New Cruzados, DKEC)
Henry James-Electric Guitars(Robert Jon & the Wreck)
Bruce Witkin-Bass(Hollywood Vampires. Adam Ant)

WAITING FOR THE REVOLUTION is the first single from Chris Cruz’s new Hard Folk project under the moniker Lucky Bawa & the First Strikes produced and recorded by Bruce Witkin(White Buffalo, Sweeny Todd, Marilyn Manson, Vanessa Paradis, James Intveld)

Why LUCKY BAWA?  Cruz is the adopted name as Chris was raised by career Navy enlisted man,
GMCS Jose Cruz Sr.,1938-2016(Chris Cruz is pictured in his step-father’s Navy coat on the cover of ON MY MIND, Delirium 2008)  His biological father was an Sikh Indian exchange student from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo who returned to India upon learning of the pregnancy.  His last name is BAWA.

LUCKY is an adaptation of Lucille, the name Chris’s mother had chosen had a girl been born.  Says Chris, “I’ve had so many weird coincidences, encounters & strange wonderful opportunities in my life, I must have been born Lucky”

The tune was first performed by Chris’ band Arbitrage in the late 80’s, but never finished or recorded.  The second verse and bridge were added just prior to recording which began in early 2020.  Upon hearing the song, producer Bruce Witkin said “this tune is perfect for the times we’re in” and added the Richey Havens style drum loop to the intro.